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GCGL Limited is a family run web / software development business with expertise in modern web development and app development.
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We use the latest technology and build everything from scratch. We don't offhand any work - we take care of everything.

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We develop real websites built for purpose. We handle the entire development process, from web design, web development and deployment. We build web applications that your customers can use. From E-Commerce to specific use-cases, we can develop all types of web applications.

Growth In Mind

We specialise in deployment - your website should be able to take any growth in users that is thrown at it. With a web application developed by us you'll be in good hands knowing we're focused on scalability and ease of use.

web development handshake Here To Help

We're here to help our customers. We aim to work with small to medium sized businesses and create beautiful websites that work and grow with their business. We're here to implement great features that your customers can use such as customer accounts, sell your products / services etc.

Fair Pricing

We typically work on the basis of maintenance agreements - general maintenance of our applications upkeep and small updates included. Any large updates are fairly priced!

What We Do

We develop websites for local businesses across the UK. We develop the entire website in-house and provide all the necessary updates and support. We build completely bespoke web applications for any type of business. We handle the full development pipeline, from design, database architecture, development and deployment - and everything in between.

Web Development

Web Design

Mobile App Development

Software Development
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Web Design

We design websites - we don't use any templates. All of our web applications are bespoke and built for purpose! Web design is a small part of what we offer, as we offer bespoke development services for both web applications and internal applications. We build websites that your customers can use and can act as a vital part of your business, such as E-Commerce websites that sell your products / services with customer accounts etc. We believe web design is very important - if you're website doesn't look its best there's a good chance a customer might reflect this opinion on your business and possibly leave!


We handle the entire process - we design, develop and deploy! We like to build long term partnerships with our clients so our websites are always affordable with the idea that we will continue to maintain it!

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We have a reliable web development team, utilising modern technology to ensure your website is built to the standard it should be and represents your business and its values. We cater and develop all kinds of websites, please get in touch via email with any questions! We'll get back to you as soon as possible. We don't just build websites - we build scalable web applications that can grow as your business does. We also build bespoke software applications - just get in touch with any idea and we'll get back to you.

GCGL Limited
Professional Web Development Company Based In The UK.